Masrouji Company

Masrouji focused primarily on pharmaceutical products, receiving in 1997 ISO 2009 certificate as the first company in Palestine.

About Masrouji Company

Masrouji Company was established in the year 1959 in Jerusalem, under the name of Jerusalem Drug Store, by hardworking and enterprising people who were and are meeting the high expectations of local and international clients, enhancing the trading industry, and implementing the ambitious goals of an experienced management team and a sophisticated team of shareholders.

In 1969, we were the major shareholders and founders of Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals, as the main manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in Palestine.

In 1993, Jerusalem Drug Store was changed into Masrouji Company, and since that date it has embarked into a journey of expansion and diversification.

In terms of business activities, Jerusalem Drug Store started to import pharmaceutical products to Palestine and Jordan, and then diversified its activities into importing FMCG products, baby and beauty products.

Masrouji Company

Our Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is to build distinguished relationships with our clients, business partners and team members based on professionalism and trust, resulting in stronger returns to all parties involved.


Novartis Pharma Services – Switzerland
Alcon Pharmaceuticals – Switzerland
Sandoz – Austria
Octapharma – Switzerland
Regilait Infant – France
Orset – Germany
Pillar Surgical – USA
MAS Vita – USA
MAS Derma – Italy


Nanilac – Belgium


Alfaparf Group – Italy
Alfa Tools – Italy

Rauch – Austria
MJF Dilmah Teas – Sri Lanka
Regilait – France
Evyap – Turkey
Sanset – Turkey
Food Empire – Singapore
Agus – Poland
Dardanel – Turkey
Ankara Makarnasi – Turkey
MAS Tuna – Thailand 

Our activities

  • Pharmacies and Hospitals
  • Beauty
  • Baby Care
  • Personal and Home Care
  • FMCG

Contact us

Masrouji Building
P.O. Box 3608
Ramallah, Palestine
Tel: +970 2 242 2222
Fax: +970 2 242 2211

Gaza Branch:
Tel: + 970 8 287 7607
Fax: +970 8 287 7606